1. Istvan (steven)Gergely says:

    Great dear. Guten Tag Herr. I’m from Hungary from Keszthely City JA Yes Aus kom Ungarn lnd aus keszthely stadt Thank you are have.. Danke schön ihr das viral program gud ..Leider Jetzt bei unsere wohne im land in Ungarn leben nicht gut Sehr groser Rezessio mit leben so nicht gut schlecht morgen!! Bitte kleine ruhig wail bei mir ohne nicht Geld haben nicht arbeit jetzt an Balaton see Stadt Keszthely..danke schön auf wieder sehen Gud bay..

  2. Deborah says:

    There is something wrong with the video. It doesn’t want to play.

  3. Ian says:

    Frank, how is this really building your list?

    It is my understanding that the way most of these viral list builders work is that you are giving your leads away to the guy who started the service and the more established marketers who were most closely involved in the launch, who generally get nearly all or most of the benefit.

    Sure, you might make a few sales this way, but in a lot of cases, you don’t even get the contact information of those who sign up, so the future of your business, or at least of a list that’s built this way, is under someone else’s complete control… forever…

    Am I wrong?

  4. Frank Bauer says:

    @Istvan: Yeah, heard from a designer we outsourced work to from there that the economy still needs to recover there. Sorry to hear.

    @Deborah: Hmmm… works here for me. Does the video play for you straight at YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcHVtFYyGxc ?

    @Ian: Yeap, you are. At Power List Marketing, List Effects & ViralURL.de you actually build your own list using e.g. Add2it MailResponder Pro, Aweber.com or GetResponse.com by taking advantage of their downline and random mailers to drive traffic to your very own squeeze pages… that’s how you build your own, personal list.

    With The Viral Secret it’s even more straight forward… they add subscribers straight into your personal Aweber.com account.

  5. Ian says:

    Okay. Thanks, Frank. I’ve had more than one pretty established marketer warn me off, but I guess maybe this is different. I will check them out.

  6. Robski says:

    Thank you Frank for the info.
    I have been trying to figure out how to make some $$$ in Internet Marleting for some time now and besides the Info-Overload, I have been held back by not knowing how or the best way to get traffic (with so many offers always coming at me)
    What a blessing to get you info at this time.
    I aprreciate it a lot and will be checking out what else you have to help a absolute no techy – Newbie to actually start making $$$ online and gain freedom from my slave job.

  7. I am an affiliate of Viral Hosts and flooded withe emails from other members. I get 3o or more daily but don’t quite put it together how to get them sent to my primary business landing page as the return email can only go to them at their affiliate email site.

    Can you shed some light on what I am missing here?
    Network challenged in North Carolina

  8. Frank Bauer says:

    @Ian: You are welcome. Once you have a customer list of 100,000+ like those established marketers you will not rely on using these kind of sites anymore as your traffic (and that way list growth) comes mainly from affiliates and JV partners sending you the bulk of your traffic, but before you are at that point, it helps to use methods like these to build your own list.

    I personally don’t go to all those sites that I have an upgraded account anymore… but I let my VA’s do that for me. Or sometimes I simply use tools like Traffic Zipper that does it for me. Very effective in my book.

    @Robski: It’s easy to get information overload, I agree. And that’s why I was a bit worried about covering 4 sites in one video. I hope it was ok.

    Generating traffic & building a list goes hand in hand one one requires the other. The #7 position in The Viral Secret is one of those few exceptions where you can actually build your list without personally generating traffic.

    For the newbie it’s often about the choice of either investing time… or money. Once your online business starts generating some money that choice becomes luckily easier.

    @Fran: Right… as a Free, Gold or Diamond member of ViralHosts.com you agreed to receive messages from other members. Silver, Platinum & Elite members opted out of those messages.

    Those message are not there to reverse advertise to the senders (in many cases they will use member@viralhosts.com anyway… so your reply will not reach them), but those messages are there for you to learn from… one of our members described it beautifully in a video he uploaded on YouTube at:


    If you are a free member, use the viral feature build into the web hosting system to grow your own ViralHosts.com downline which you can email every 7 days.

    You can also build your ViralHosts.com downline and that way your mailing list as a free member by promoting it with systems like Power List Marketing, The Viral Secret and List Effects.

    If you can afford to… I highly recommend to upgrade to at least the Gold level and then benefit from it even more by using the random System Mailer function that allows you to email 3,000 random members every 3 days.

    As I mentioned to Robski before, it’s often about the choice of either investing time… or money.

    Hope this helps.

  9. Jenelle Livet says:

    I have been trying to get the upgrade to the Viral List Secret but the site always tells me there is an error. I cannot see one but it tells me there is. I have entered my details in 2 computers. Is the upgrade only available to US Members??

  10. Marcy says:

    Tag Frank,
    Such absolutely great info. I went to ViralURL to sign up to a program there. I have absolutely no list at all and dont want to pay a fortune in ppc to send untargetted traffic to my new product.
    Einen Fragen, bitte: If you had your last say $97 which of those programs including viralurl would you advise I go with as a start. Dont want you to commit professional suicide, but Im sure certain programs suit certain requirements more than others at certain times.
    Forgive me if that sounds cryptic. (and also forgive my bad Deutsche). Chuss.
    Keep up the good work.

  11. Frank Bauer says:

    @Jenelle: Outside the US shouldn’t be a problem at all… I am in Australia and was able to pay.

    Have you tried asking The Viral Secret support team at www.customerhelpdesk.org/ ?

    @Marcy: If you have no more then $97 available (one-time) and you own already an Aweber account… then the best choice would be The Viral Secret.

    If you don’t have an Aweber account and the maximum is $97… then I would stick with the free versions of Power List Marketing and ViralURL.com or ViralURL.de and promote that until you have the money to either upgrade those to a Gold account or until you can afford an Aweber.com account and then go with Viral Secret.

  12. Dainys says:

    Thank you Frank for info, for news !

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