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Is Email Management Software Necessary for Competitive Marketing?


Thank you for being a More4you Blogletter subscriber.  Today I
want to share my latest article about "Email Management
Software" with you.

But before we answer the question if email management software
is necessary for competitive marketing, let's first take a
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Todays Article:

   "Is Email Management Software Necessary for Competitive
    by Frank Bauer

If you would like to sell a product or service on the internet,
your marketing and sales plan should be well thought out and
sophisticated.  There are plenty of marketers online and
competition can be brutal.  In order to communicate with your
potential customers you must first get through the daily
barrage of non-targeted advertisements and spam email in order
to build a quality, long term relationship.

One of the more sophisticated ways of growing a customer base
and creating brand loyalty around your product is with Email
Management Software.  Email Management Software is a great tool
to send opt-in emails, newsletters, confirmation emails or any
other type of communication between you and your customer base.  
Not only does this save time and money for the marketer, it
also delivers a message or product effectively to the customer.  

The Importance of Building an opt-in email list

Most web masters work hard getting their product out to the
public.  Sales usually don't come easily or cheap, so once you
gain a visitor's attention or make a sale of one of your
products it is not wise just to forget about that customer.
Wouldn't it be great, that after you have spent lots of time
and money on a customer that both you and the customer can
benefit from a continuing dialogue?    

Smart web masters understand the need to continue the dialogue.
If you have a web site on a specific topic, ask your visitors
to sign up for more information that will be sent to them as a
newsletter.  The same thing with customers, just because they
buy something from you doesn't mean that the relationship
should end, ask your customers to opt-in to your free updates
or newsletter service.  You will be surprised how many people
find it valuable to stay in contact with the seller.  Not only
will they continue to be in contact with you, but hopefully
they will buy another product from you.  

Newsletters add value to your web site or product

Give your visitors and customers information.  Most visitors
and customers come to your site for information.  One of the
most valuable products you can give your visitors and customers
is more information.  If your web site is on gardening, create
a newsletter once a month or biweekly filled with gardening
tips or great information.  Your subscribers will value your
site more than others that are just looking to make a buck off
of them.  Giving your subscribers information on a routine
basis is not only great for repeat visits but also for sales.
Not only are newsletters great for communicating information to
your visitors but you can also advertise your products in a
tasteful way that can grow your business and brand name

Features to consider

Having an Email Management Software tool can be looked at as
the hub of your communications to your web site visitors and
customers.  Here is a list of some of the more important
features to consider in an Email Management product.

- An easy way to publish your emails, newsletters and
  auto-respond emails

- Schedule and edit your messages quickly and efficiently

- Import your leads  

- The ability to send messages to any internet-ready computer

- The ability to send an unlimited amount of emails, newsletters
  and auto-respond emails at no extra cost

- Easy installation and maintenance

These are just the basic features that some of the higher
quality Email Management Software products offer.  You might
want to do some research before you purchase your product.  One
of the high quality Email Management Software products
currently on the market is called Add2it MailResponder Pro.
You can look at some of the features at the following web site:



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'Whatever the mind can conceive and believe... it can achieve.'
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