Hi Frank!

    I am very sorry, but you are stying to me difficult situation about that, that I must to study the Internet Marketing to be such men as: Mark Joyner, Frank Bauer, Mike Filsaime. Of course, if Mark Joyner is a millionaire, then he have not of problems as fast untwist business to be himself own money. But your are shame to speak that my a job nothing not cost-even though therefore that a lot of ideas on the internet business it is my of ideas as: automatically, the filters for email, TV to in of the Internet, only not such as you conduct on the present a moment. I simply take care the time, that have not shown to be your are chatter. you are knowing that my of the articles, prospects as is a psychological trigger do not having analogy on the World practice. A egg does not teach a fowl. You even do not understand my of question: I was needing to received to help about that,that to open Banking account for working with PAYPAL.

  2. Frank Bauer says:

    Hi Yuriy,

    Sorry, but I don’t think I can help you getting a bank account that you can use with PayPal in the country you live in.

    I am located in Australia and only know how to get a bank account here…. basically just go to any local bank and open one.

    If your question is regarding how to open a bank account in e.g. the USA… sorry, I can’t advice you on that.

    Best regards,

    Frank Bauer

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