About those who make money online (and don’t)

There are generally three levels of marketers marketing online…

1. Those that haven’t make money online before

2. Those that make money but not consistently

3. Those that knows and ARE making money online

I will be able to address each of them and why you’re in that level but first – let me share the secret of making real money online.

The first thing is to truly identify what you’re trying to achieve. I mean, is your plan is to make money in 24 hours, a week or 6 months later? Do you want to create an instant flux of income, part time income, passive income or to completely replace your job? How about this – do you just want to make money online, to own a business or to create a legacy like owning YouTube.com or some kind?


To stress my point, you can make money in 24 hours by selling some junk on eBay.com or email to your friends with affiliate link to buy a book from Amazon.com. But is that your goal? Or your goal is to make a million dollar online? Well, you can make a million with the right business model and you’ll also need understand the efforts needed to put in. But it is POSSIBLE; many have done that including me.

Next is knowing your market. Sounds like some cheesy advice you’ve heard everywhere- the difference here is, I know what I’m talking about. Say your ‘business model’ is to write your own ebook and sell it online. That’s great but what’s the topic and to who?

You can’t say, “My market is selling ebook”. That’s insane. Market, market, market.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com can say his market is selling all kinds of books online and he’s RIGHT. Most people don’t understand is that, there’s only ONE Jeff Bezos. He is the pioneer and market leader. If you are going to have a business selling books online, just ask yourself this- will you buy books from Amazon.com or some new site that you don’t know? Go figure.

Once you know these, then learn tactics and strategies. There’s a BIG myth that goes around saying that tactics are unimportant – you just need strategies. That’s like saying… to achieve goals, use ‘Laws of Attraction’ but you don’t need to know how to practice it.

Both are equally important.

Tactics are normally used for quick results and their effectiveness is subjected to change. They might work very effectively right now but 6 months down the road, they might not work anymore.

Strategies are more like principles that are set in stone but I’m not saying that they’ll never change.

A quick example – using popup is a strategy that is proven to generate more sales. But different types of pop ups will give you different results. Knowing which type pop up to use, where and when IS tactical.

Once you have the tactics and strategies in your hand, then it’s easy for you to determine what traffic source to use, what is your front-end income generator and so on.

Level one of marketers who don’t make money online is simply because they probably don’t know what they truly want (long term or short term income), don’t realize the importance of selecting a market or don’t have strategies and tactics.

Level two are normally those who are tactical. To have consistent income, you’ll need to be strategic and understand your business model.

Doing all of these correctly will ensure that you’ll experience a different level of success compare to where you’re today.

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