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    6 Great Advantages of Having a Responsive Website for Healthcare SEO
    Author: Rajeev Rajagopal
    Website: https://longisland.medresponsive.com/
    Added: Wed, 30 Dec 2020 09:31:36 +0000
    Category: Web Design
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    A responsive web design is necessary to gain patients; a slow-loading website will get lesser attention and lead to loss of traffic and patients.

    Every industry, especially healthcare, should adopt a responsive web design because people are more dependent on the internet in this digital era and are checking out providers’ websites before making healthcare-related decisions. Healthcare website design experts can help make your website responsive to various devices and window or screen sizes. Now people are leading busy lives, and they don’t have the patience to sit through a slow-loading website or a distorted version of your site. For fastdecision-making, they always depend on websites that load fast irrespective of the device.

    You need a responsive web design because today, mobile web browsing has overtaken desktop as the device of first choice for internet users. Google always wants to provide its users the best experience, so for those who are accessing the web via mobile devices, Google acts accordingly. That means, Google favors websites that are optimized for users using mobile and smartphone devices; and those websites are the ones that have incorporated a mobile responsive design.

    Without a responsive web design your users may get frustrated and you may loss visibility, traffic, ranking, and therefore potential patients. So, let’s see how having a responsive website benefits your healthcare SEO:

    * Improved site usability: Responsive web design helps your customers easily read and navigate. If the users can’t navigate easily on your site, it is unlikely they will stick around. Responsive web design helps optimize websites for mobile search, it improves your site functionality, and design by scaling the content to users’ devices. The result is an improved experience and typically a greater time on the website. The time a user stays on a webpage analyzed by Google is the fundamental indicator that determines the value of a site for any given query. When your website provides users the best experience by all means like content, design and functionality across all devices, Google will promote your website and help you attract more customers and increase the chance of conversions.

    * Faster page loading: In 2018, Google made a Speed Update where it uses mobile site speed as a ranking factor in mobile search. Over the years, Google consistently messages that fast-loading pages are favored in search results. This is the reason why Google recommends responsive web design. Responsive websites will load fast, especially on mobile and smart devices, resulting in a more positive user experience, thus improving website ranking.

    * More mobile traffic: The first and possibly the most important result of responsive web design is the increased mobile traffic. Mobile browsing has been growing steadily for years, it means that mobile phones have become the main focus for numerous developers out there, and optimizing websites for mobile devices has become the industry standard. So, a responsive web design gives you the opportunity to reach the majority of web users and definitely improve your SEO score.

    * No duplicate content issues: The use of the mobile device is rising and for that reason, most websites have built a separate mobile version. This approach is often raising duplicated content issues. When similar content is found on more than one URL, there is a chance of duplicate content issue. When a duplicate content issue arises, Google bots cannot determine the version to be indexed, nor if one version of the content should absorb all link metrics, or whether they should be kept separate. Besides that, there is also indeterminacy regarding the version that is to be ranked for a search query. This can seriously affect your rankings. The bestway to solve this duplicate content issue is to install a responsive web design. It uses one URL across all devices adapting the layout and content to fit any screen size while offering a consistent and better user experience.

    * Reduced bounce rate: Google might interpret short dwell time i.e. when a user visits your website and leaves just a few seconds after opening it, as a signal that the content found by the user on your site wasn’t relevant to their needs. Sometimes, your content may be great, but if it is not supported by an appealing design, users will soon leave the site. The content will remain king only if it is properly optimized for all devices. Your website should provide customers the best experience by means of quality content, design, and functionality across all devices. A mobile responsive website allows you to put up relevant content for use and display it in a mobile device-friendly way. Not having a responsive web design leads to high bounce rate and it will generate a drop in ranking, reflecting thin or irrelevant content, or a poorly designed website, just by looking at user’s interaction.

    * Improved social sharing: Social media is not a ranking factor, but it is important when it comes to your overall marketing strategy. Responsive web design is created to make social sharing easy for the most dominant demographic online-mobile users. Social media will help expand an audience, reach a wider audience means more traffic and engagement, and more search demand for your brand. It will definitely make Google take notice and boost your traffic, sales and conversions; but imagine if your visitors are struggling to find the share button and simply give up. It reduces your chance of potential customer market and traffic. So, designing a responsive website is crucial to make it easy for site visitors to access the same content on desktop and mobile devices.

    You may be hesitant to redesign your website to make it responsive, but if you want to boost your online presence and gain potential customers, it is an investment worth making. So, with the help of healthcare website design experts, ensure that you have a responsive healthcare website design that will provide a great user experience irrespective of the device used for browsing.

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    About the Author:
    Rajeev Rajagopal is the owner of Managed Outsource Solutions which runs its digital marketing division through MedResponsive since 2003. As someone who has developed businesses in several industry segments, he loves strategizing and coming up with innovative solutions for businesses that are hitting a roadblock with their online strategy. He is adept at creating campaigns that mesh your business's traditional and digital plans and make them work together. Spearheading the digital marketing division, he works with his team of talented and dynamic designers, programmers, writers, search engineers, and Social media experts to make businesses tick. Whenever possible he loves to write engaging content related to SEO and its evolution, sharing his ideas and insights with others.

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