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    How To Advertise Any Product Or Service On Auto-Pilot!
    Author: Frank Bauer
    Website: http://FrankBauer.name
    Added: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 06:00:20 +0000
    Category: Online Promotion
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    During the last couple of weeks, I have seen the following
    question more and more often in my email box...

    "If you were marketing this offer, what ways would you market

    The answer to that is easy... I would use a system to generate
    leads and work them automatically. Sounds complicated? Not
    really... let me explain how you can advertise any product or
    service on auto-pilot!

    To do that, the first thing you need is a mailing list
    management software with a build in follow-up autoresponder.
    I personally use Add2it MailResponder Pro which is installed on
    my own server.

    Instead of having it installed on your own server, you could
    also get a co-hosted version or rent this service from a service
    provider for a monthly fee. But since I am sure that you want
    to earn money with the product or service for a long time, I
    would recommend that you get your own system installed on a web
    server and don't pay a monthly fee. You can save a lot of money
    this way.

    If you have no idea about "scripts" and how to get them
    installed on your own web server, don't worry... for a very low
    fee you can get this part of the work done for you.

    Let's move on... In the follow-up autoresponder you would setup
    a series of follow-up messages that educate the prospects
    (leads) about a subject related to the product or service that
    you are promoting. While doing that you can also mention the
    product or service that you are selling as an example on how to
    get e.g. a certain task done.

    Then the autoresponder system can be fed with leads that are
    generated through a splash page on your site. What's a splash
    page you ask? It's a web page that collects the name and email
    address of a prospect before he or she will be send to the web
    site that contains the actual product or service that you

    For best results, that splash page (HTML web page) should
    contain your personal review of the product or service. Then it
    asks the visitor for their name and email address in return for
    either the email follow-up series that was mentioned before
    (e-course) and / or a PDF report / e-book. Important is that
    either one is of true value to the visitor and that it is
    related to the products or services sold.

    Next, to get visitors to visit your splash page, there are
    several ways... one would be to use several of the recommended
    traffic tools at http://add2it.com/ref/go.pl?l=recommended.shtml
    or another way would be to generate hundreds of keyword
    optimized content pages that drive traffic to your splash page
    through search engine traffic.

    A not cheap but great course that teaches how to do this in
    details and that comes with the professional software to
    generate those pages very fast you can find at:

    I personally use that system myself to generate tons of traffic
    and cash. One neat feature of the pages that are generated with
    that software is that they generate advertising revenue through
    Google Adsense while generating traffic for your splash page.

    The true art of this system is to find the right keywords that
    potential customers would enter in a search engine to find your
    product or service. Explaining in detail how to pick the right
    keywords would be too much for this article, but the above
    mentioned course teaches you in detail how to do that.

    A third way to generate traffic for your splash page and to
    create a mailing list of your own at the same time is the

    Convert leads that you buy from a high quality lead source like
    http://add2it.com/see.pl?JVLeads via a sequence of educational
    email (e.g. how to build a business online) from strangers to
    friends... then introduce them to your product or service by
    sending them to your splash page.

    Here is how I do this...

    I buy every month 2,000 high quality double opt-in MLM leads at
    http://add2it.com/see.pl?JVLeads and let them run through an 18
    step email message series.

    The first 12 messages of this series are "warm-up" messages.
    Those messages are not trying to sell anything, but provides
    advice, tips and free tools to learn how to earn a living

    The following 6 messages will educate the reader how the product
    or service that I am promoting can help them and it sends them
    to the splash page.

    Another important question that is related and I see often is:

    "Is it best to just focus on one product or several?"

    The answer is also easy and obvious... Always focus on one
    product or service at the time!

    1. Find a product or service that you personally like to use.

    2. Work on promoting this one product or service until you earn
    a regular income with it. You can do that e.g. by setting up
    the system mentioned above. This regular income can be $50,
    $100, $200 or more every month, you decide how much.

    Especially if it's not a monthly fee product or service, create
    a splash page that generates sales on auto-pilot every month.

    3. Only if you are satisfied with the income you generate with
    your first product or service, look for a second
    complementary product or service.

    I personally also made the mistake before to promote several
    products on one page. It's way better and more effective to
    generate a separate splash page site like the above for each

    What you can do is to create an email training course for your
    downline in each program using e.g. Add2it MailResponder Pro and
    then promote your other products or services as back end offers
    in those courses.

    I sincerely hope that my quick tips will help you to become more
    successful in what you are doing. :)

    View all Frank Bauer's articles

    About the Author:
    Frank Bauer is the director of Add2it.com Marketing Pty Ltd
    - Helping You Succeed Online, the co-founder of
    ViralURL.com, ViralPLR.com, ViralinBox.com, ViralHosts.com
    and since 1996 the publisher of the More4you Blogletter
    at: www.More4you.ws
    To see how he can help you, visit his blot at: www.FrankBauer.name

    Other services he founded are the Add2it Go-To System...
    The Secret Weapon To Multiply Your Profits! www.GoTo-Pro.com
    & www.LetsSwapNow.com

    Reprint rights to this article are granted, as long as it is
    not modified and the resources plus this signature remain

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