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    The Whole Truth About Paid Autosurf Programs
    Author: Frank Bauer
    Website: http://FrankBauer.name
    Added: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 02:09:09 +0000
    Category: Advice
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    Would you like to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth
    about Paid Autosurf programs? Then please read on...

    If you have used any kind of traffic exchange program, I am sure
    that you noticed the dozens of Paid Autosurf programs that seem
    to grow like mushrooms nowadays. Many people have jumped on them
    and promote them all over the exchanges.

    After the slow (well, sometimes actually rather fast) death of
    the last trend, the Doubler, Tripler & Cycler programs, Paid
    Autosurf programs seem to be the newest trend.

    And yes, even I have again tried a bunch to see what all this is
    about. Can you really earn money with them? Yes. Is the traffic
    generated good for anything? Yes, also if used the right way.

    Does that mean that there is no way you can loose? No, you can
    still loose in two ways if you don't know how to take advantage
    of this new trend... your time and money.

    What I am about to share with you is what I personally learned
    during the last 10 weeks.

    Let's get started...

    1. Don't let the numbers fool you

    Every program of this kind comes with several important numbers
    attached. Those can fool you to believe you will earn more money
    for auto-surfing a certain number of web pages each day then you
    actually will.

    Let me give you some examples...

    - 4Daily at http://add2it.com/see.pl?4Daily offers $4
    for joining and then you earn 4% for auto-surfing 40 pages.

    This earns you $0.16 per day. After 25 days you can upgrade for
    $4 and then earn $0.32 per day etc.

    Do you really earn 4% per day after you upgrade? No, because you
    have to spend $4 to upgrade (100%).
    (4% x 50 days - 100%) / 50 days = 2%

    You need to surf at least 25 out of the next 50 days after
    upgrading to break even. Per $4 investment you can earn up to an
    extra $4 in 50 days.

    - 6DailySurf - http://add2it.com/see.pl?6DailySurf
    Offer: $6 for joining / Earn 6% for auto-surfing 25 pages
    Earns you $0.36 per day /Upgrade after 17 days for $6 and earn
    $0.72 per day etc.
    %age after upgrade: (6% x 40 days - 100%) / 40 days = 3.5%
    Break even: After 17 out of the next 40 days
    Earning potential: $8.40 in 40 days per $6 investment

    - Daily Surfing - http://add2it.com/see.pl?DailySurfing
    Offer: $10 for joining / Earn 1% for auto-surfing 50 pages
    Earns you $0.10 per day /Upgrade after 100 days for $10
    and earn $0.20 per day etc.
    %age after upgrade: (1% x 365 days - 100%) / 365 days = 0.726%
    Break even: After 100 out of the next 365 days
    Earning potential: $26.50 in 365 days per $10 investment

    - HitzPay - http://add2it.com/see.pl?HitzPay
    Offer: $10 for joining / Earn 2% for auto-surfing 100 pages
    Earns you $0.20 per day /Upgrade after 50 days for $10 and
    earn $0.40 per day etc.
    %age after upgrade: (2% x 180 days - 100%) / 180 days = 1.44%
    Break even: After 50 out of the next 180 days
    Earning potential: $26 in 180 days per $10 investment

    - HitzUp at http://add2it.com/see.pl?HitzUp offers $10
    for joining and then earn 1% for auto-surfing or 2% for
    manual-surfing 40 pages.

    This earns you $0.10 to $0.20 per day. After 50 to 100 days you
    can upgrade for $10 and then earn 2% for auto-surfing or 3% for
    manual-surfing 50 pages for 100 days ($0.40 to $0.60).

    Do you really earn 2 - 3% per day after you upgrade? No, because
    you have to spend $10 to upgrade (100%).
    (2% x 100 days - 100%) / 100 days = 1%
    (3% x 100 days - 100%) / 100 days = 2%

    You need to surf at least 34 to 50 out of the next 100 days
    after upgrading to break even. Per $10 investment you can earn
    up to an extra $10 to $20 in 100 days.

    - PaidYou at http://add2it.com/see.pl?PaidYou offers $5
    for joining and then you earn 2% for auto-surfing 63 pages.

    This earns you $0.10 per day. After 50 days you can upgrade for
    $5 and then earn 4% for auto-surfing 50 pages for 60 days

    Do you really earn 4% per day? No, because you have to spend $5
    to upgrade (100%). (4% x 60 days - 100%) / 60 days = 2.33%

    You need to surf at least 25 out of the next 60 days after
    upgrading to break even. Per $5 investment you can earn up to an
    extra $3.50 in 60 days.

    - StudioTraffic at http://add2it.com/see.pl?StudioTraffic offers the
    same as Daily Surfing, just that you need to auto-surf 100

    Looking at all this examples and numbers might be confusing at
    first. Here is what to look out for...

    - The higher the number of days the upgrades last and the lower
    the number of days it takes to break even, the saver it is for
    the member.

    - You are looking for an higher %age per day for upgrades and
    not just a high advertised %age.

    - The more the program gives you for free just for joining, the
    faster you can earn more per day.

    - The lesser pages and the shorter each page is shown the faster
    you are done auto-surfing to earn your daily %age.

    In order for any program to stay around, it needs to be
    profitable for the owner...

    - The lower the number of days the upgrades last and the higher
    the number of days it takes to brake even, the easier it is to
    stay in profit.

    - The better the program "sounds", the more people will join it
    and invest into upgrades.

    That means if they advertise a high %age, but it in the end pay
    much less per day for upgrades, then this actually helps the
    program to stay around longer.

    - The less the program gives for free just for joining, the more
    likely members will pay to upgrade.

    - The more pages, the longer each page is shown and the more
    random incentives for looking at those pages are offered, the
    better it is for the advertisers (more ad sales).

    - A cap on how many pages can be viewed per day also improves
    the advertising quality.

    2. Utilizing the traffic the best possible way

    Frankly spoken... auto-surf traffic is of very low quality. To
    utilize it the best possible way, the pages you advertise in
    auto-surf exchanges need to be specially made for this purpose.

    They need to:

    a) Load very fast to have the highest chance to be seen

    b) Need to catch the auto-surfer attention extremely fast by
    addressing the auto-surfers needs in less than 5 seconds

    What does the auto-surfer need most? Traffic & Money... that's
    why he auto-surfs in the first place.

    For an example of a page that does this very well and that
    creates results even with the low quality traffic from auto-surf
    exchanges, take a look at this page...


    Ok, this wraps it up pretty good. Now you know the whole truth
    about Paid Autosurf programs and know what to look out for. This
    will help you to make an income from this programs and generate
    useful traffic.

    But before I close... here the most important rule:

    ONLY invest money in any Internet program that you can afford to
    lose. NEVER EVER spend your rent money or YOU WILL GET BURNED
    (or have to sleep outdoors).

    If you play it smart you can have some fun. :)


    Be the first to be alert of new programs... join the First Alert
    list for free at:

    View all Frank Bauer's articles

    About the Author:
    Frank Bauer is the director of Add2it.com Marketing Pty Ltd
    - Helping You Succeed Online, the co-founder of
    ViralURL.com, ViralPLR.com, ViralinBox.com, ViralHosts.com
    and since 1996 the publisher of the More4you Blogletter
    at: www.More4you.ws
    To see how he can help you, visit his blot at: www.FrankBauer.name

    Other services he founded are the Add2it Go-To System...
    The Secret Weapon To Multiply Your Profits! www.GoTo-Pro.com
    & www.LetsSwapNow.com

    Reprint rights to this article are granted, as long as it is
    not modified and the resources plus this signature remain

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