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    7 Tips For Staying Safe While Traveling
    Author: Mariya
    Website: https://keralatourismenterprises.in/
    Added: Mon, 15 Jul 2019 04:01:34 +0000
    Category: Advertising
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    This is probably most people's biggest concern when they think about going traveling for the first time and yes it is something that you always need to be thinking about when you're
    traveling. However I can assure you that things are probably not as bad as you think. Generally the only news you ever tend to hear about backpackers is bad news and Global News and you really tends to focus on the negative aspects of what's going on in
    different countries. And I get that all this negative press can make you extremely anxious about going anywhere by yourself and what you don't really hear about other hundreds of thousands of backpackers who go travelling. They have a great trip, no problems in particular, they come home safe and they're really fine. The reality is is that things might only go wrong if you are extremely stupid or just extremely unlucky. There's going to be an element of risk with everything that you do in life unless you never leave your house but even then that could present its risks. You just have to look after yourself as much as you can to lower the
    risk of things going wrong and to keep yourself safe. It's the same concept whether you're traveling solo competing in a sport going on a night out with friends. Here are my tips for travelers to stay safe and reduce risk of danger.

    Always Carry A Charged Phone
    Always carry a charged phone with you preferably an unlocked one which you can put a local sim in for 3G because the Internet is a wonderful thing when you are by yourself and need
    questions answered and it's accessible these days. There's also obvious that you can make emergency phone calls when you have a phone. But a big one for me is to have Google Maps. I recommend downloading the offline map of wherever you're going to be traveling and even if you have no 3G or no service you still know exactly where you are and you can get to
    the place you're needing to get to without too many issues.

    I find this particularly handy
    On bus rides- so that you know that you're getting off at the right stop, especially in countries where you don't speak their language and
    In taxis- make sure that they're going in the right direction and they're not just driving around in circles to rip you off and make the journey longer

    Act Confident
    Walk and stand with confidence even if you don't have the foggiest clue. Tricky people whatever the country target the vulnerable looking one. The ones who look lost in their body
    language, their facial expression make the locals believe that you live there and know exactly what you're doing.

    Always Carry A Padlock
    Lock up your valuables in locket that's something to always look for. Always
    have a way to conceal your valuables when you're out. Zip up bags
    are always a good idea. You don't want just a big open bag where people can see all the contents and then easily grab them. I personally wouldn't go anywhere off the beaten track by yourself, especially at night.

    Don't get so drunk or so high that you can't look after yourself know your limit even if
    you've made friends they have no obligation to look up and even if you feel like you can trust them just don't get yourself into that state. Take responsibility for yourself.

    Dress Appropriately

    This one might be obvious but unless you are literally by the beach or by the pool don't wear clothes that are too revealing and respect the country's rule. This of course will be very very different depending on where you are and maybe in Australia maybe you're in Dubai but just use your common sense and be respectful.

    Always Tell Someone Where You Are Going

    Remember to tell someone where you are going. I do this without even thinking. But it's so important if you're about to leave your room tell your roommate. I try to always make a connection with the hotel reception stuff and then whenever I literally leave the hotel
    I'll tell them where I'm going. If that feels awkward to you just ask them for advice on where you're about to go and then they automatically know where you've gone and heck even if your
    messaging someone other time let them know to where you're going even if they're a thousand miles away because at least then you have it in writing.

    The more people you tell
    You might get a buddy
    You might get some tips
    If something goes wrong or you don't return you've got several people wondering where you are they know where you left to go to and at what time.

    Memorise The Emergency Phone Number

    Make sure you always know your local country's emergency contact number. If
    you have an iPhone if you click the lock button five times it will automatically call your local emergency services wherever you are in the world. Also on an iPhone you can set up your own emergency contacts and ID which people can access on your phone without a password.

    Travel Insurance
    Perhaps I should have mentioned this one at the beginning but make sure before you go that you have travel insurance. Yes it can be expensive especially if you're going for a long time but this is the most important thing that you need to factor in to your backpacking budget.
    Just make sure that you have all the activities included that you're planning on doing because some are higher risks and others like skydiving, snowboarding, scuba diving etc. Make sure you have all of that covered if you're planning on doing those activities and if you have a drone or especially expensive gear make sure you've got that covered too.

    Staying safe while you're traveling solo is really an easy task if you are sensible. It's really just about minimizing your vulnerability to reduce the likelihood of unwanted situations occurring. I really hope you enjoyed this article and feel a little bit more comfortable about the idea of staying safe while traveling.

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    About the Author:
    Iam Mariya from Kerala

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