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    How to choose the best dog clippers?
    Author: Ana Brenda
    Website: https://www.petshopdirect.com.au/
    Added: Thu, 14 Apr 2022 18:10:22 +0000
    Category: Pets & Animals
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    Depending on how fast your dog’s hair grows, you may need to visit a dog grooming saloon for every one or two months. If you want to grim your dog at home, you will need dog clippers. These allow you to properly care for your dog’s fur whenever it is necessary. That is why clippers are the most purchased products, next to dog crates. Find out more in this article about how to choose the perfect device to cut your dog’s hair.

    Choose Dog Clippers According to Coat Type

    Whether you are choosing dog crates, dog clippers or small dogs sleeping beds, it is crucial to take into account your furry friend’s needs. When it comes to clippers, you need to pay attention to dog’s type of coat. Therefore, dogs with thin coats needs need electric clippers for occasional grooming that are less expensive and easy to maintain. If your dog needs more frequent grooming, than you need to buy pivot motor clippers. These have an electromagnetic motor that ensures more power, necessary for repeated uses. For dogs with thick coats the best choice is a rotary motor clipper, that allows to change blades quickly.

    Types of Blades

    Other criteria to consider when choosing https://www.petshopdirect.com.au/shop/category/dog-clippers dog clippers is their type of blades. The choice you will be making is influenced by how much will you cut from your dog’s fur. If you want to shorten it a little, you can go for a #0, #1 or #2 blade. These will offer you all the help you need to groom your dog while keeping their hair long. For a shorter haircut you will need #3, #4 or #5 blade or even higher.


    Grooming a dog can take between 5 and 25 minutes, depending on the type of fur. If you want to enjoy a comfortable experience, just like a professional, then the ergonomics that clippers offer must be taken into account. Features such as weight, size and the sound it produces are important. Therefore, you should choose clippers that fits perfectly in your hands and aren’t too loud for the dogs. Sometimes clippers that are too noisy can scare the dogs, which can develop a phobia. That’s why some groomers use dog crates when cutting their hair.

    Cordless or Electrical

    When choosing between cordless or electric clippers, consider their maneuverability. Cordless clippers allow you to use them anywhere you want. However, they have the disadvantage of having lower power and the grooming can require longer time. The electric clippers come with greater power and can be used for a fast grooming.

    Motor Speed

    Motor speed is another important feature of clippers. Some clippers provide at least 2.000 revolutions per minute and offers variable speed. The possibility to adjust the speed is extremely handy, especially if you groom more than one dog, with different types of coats.

    How to Easily Groom your Dog at Home?

    Deciding on the product you want to buy, whether they are the https://www.petshopdirect.com.au/shop/category/dog-crates--carriers dog crates or clippers, is the most difficult. Once you decided which clippers are best for you, you need to learn how to use them, in order to easily groom your dog at home. You will need a comb and a brush to remove any dirt and dead hairs from its fur, as well as a pH-balanced shampoo and conditioner created especially for dogs. After brushing the fur, dry it thoroughly using towels and then you can start grooming. Start slowly making sure that your dog is not afraid by the noise the clippers is making.

    Keep in mind that a dog’s coat plays an important role in temperature balancing. Thus, it is not recommended it to cut it very close to the skin. This is acceptable only when the fur is extremely tangled and it can be untangled when using brush or comb. You can groom your dog monthly, depending on the type of coat, regardless of the season. Your dog needs the same care during both summer and winter. The care you provide to his coat is extremely important, especially since it gets so easily tangled.

    How Many Times Should your Groom your Dog?

    Dogs with short hair present a lower risk of accumulating dirt and getting their fur tangled. This is why they don’t need to have their hair cut frequently. For this type of dogs, grooming them four times a year will be sufficient. Dogs with double coats that have short hair need to be groomed one every four months, too. Dogs with long hair with double coats needs to be groomed, combed and shaved at least once at four times a year. You should consider doing it even more frequently if your dog has an increased risk of tangles.

    Does your dog have a silky coat? Then you should consider grooming it at least every two to three months. Dogs with allergies may requires more frequent grooming, but this can also lead to the appearance of new allergies. The best thing you can do is to talk with your veterinarian and he will be able to make you the proper recommendations. Other thing to consider regarding the frequency of your dog grooming is the environment your dog lives in. Pets that spend more time outdoors needs to be groomed and washed more often. Take into consideration all these details before deciding the frequencies of your dog’s grooming.

    Dog Crates – Useful for Dog Groomers

    When considering going with your dog to a professional groomer, dog crates can be very useful. Sometimes dog can become anxious when they are unfamiliar environments, especially when they are going to have their hair cut. Therefore, crates offer your dog the opportunity to feel secure. All you have to do is to take a look at available on the market and choose the right one for your don. Then try to train him, in order to get familiar with it and become a safe environment for him. If you, however, want to groom your dog at home, choose the proper dog clippers that are suitable to your pet’s coat. The fun is guaranteed for both you and your dog.

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    About the Author:
    Brenda Ana is a dedicated writer for Petshopdirect.com.au. Our one-stop pet store caters to all your pet's needs. Don't hesitate to visit our online pet shop for the largest range of food and supplies.

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