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    7 Content Marketing Trends for Small Businesses in 2021
    Author: Rajeev Rajagopal
    Website: https://longisland.medresponsive.com/
    Added: Wed, 13 Jan 2021 05:47:14 +0000
    Category: SE Optimization
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    Another year has arrived and small businesses need to rethink their SEO content writing strategies to improve visibility.

    As 2021 begins, small businesses should refine their content writing strategies with the latest SEO trends in mind. It is important that they do not let down their guard during this pandemic. Small businesses can work with a professional SEO company in New York to improve their visibility. One of the main reasons small businesses ignore their websites and online presence is that they don't see any benefits in doing so. Though SEO needs ongoing investment of time and money, it has the ability to pay it all back and more.

    Focus on SEO content writing would offer many benefits:

    * Improve visibility and bring in more targeted traffic and customers.
    * Greater visibility to attract new customers.
    * Build brand awareness.
    * Help stay ahead of competition.
    * Improve conversion rates.
    * Boost prospects of long-term growth.

    Here is an SEO checklist for small businesses in 2021:

    Keyword research and optimization: Keyword research is finding the right keywords for most of the objectives of a given site. It is not only finding the keywords you want to rank for, but also the keywords you should rank for. Doing proper keyword research will help you get the topics for which you should be creating content on your site. Performing keyword research is the very first step in creating optimized content, but sadly, many small businesses ignore the importance of conducting keyword research. Keywords are the heart of search engine optimization. These words and phrases are the targeted terms that your audience may enter into Google or another search engine. If you don't conduct keyword research, you will fail to get any traction in search results.

    Optimizing title tag: Title tag remains one of the most vital signals for search engines to explain what the page is about. When you write title tags, they must not only engage people but also satisfy SEO. This is the reason why you should include the target keyword in the headline. The best method is to have it as close to the front of the title as you can. Best practices to create title tags also include:

    * Keeping it short.
    * Using number where possible (like 7 content marketing tips).
    * Using brackets in titles.

    Header tag optimization: Header tags are simple sub topics that break up the text and provide structure. Header tags are the first thing most people scan when reading. It makes it simple for the reader to understand what is in the content. Header tags are also essential for ranking for featured snippets as Google typically takes header tags and uses them as bullets for a snippet. To optimize for header tags:

    * infuse keywords naturally and avoid keyword stuffing,
    * Keep them as short as possible-six words or less.
    * Always use the main keyword in at least one header tag and use high-value related keywords in others.

    Meta description optimization: To optimize for meta description:

    * Make it shorter than the recommended 150-160, especially for mobile.
    * Think of this as a free advertisement and as the main supporter of your title tag. A good formula is the solution statement that attracts a searcher to click. You should also include a call to action with some "Words that sell".
    * Always use the targeted keywords in the meta descriptions. Though Google says meta descriptions have no direct link to ranking, they have an indirect ranking value.

    Image optimization and internal links: Internal links within the text itself are crucial for strong SEO. Internal links signal Google about the relevance of another page on your website, and the value you place on that page. To optimize them:

    * Use them where your reader would naturally value the added content to learn more.
    * Use a strong anchor text that contains the targeted keyword of the page being linked to.

    Search engines can't read images; that's why you use "alternative text." For each image, you should have a unique title and Alt text, that includes the target keyword. Add captions to the images wherever possible and don't stuff them with keywords. Ensure that you use italics to differentiate the text from the content body.

    Write long-form content: There is constant competition on the internet to attract people's attention. Not everyone is spending a lot of time on a page and that is driving SEOs to come up with new ideas of bite-sized content. In many ways, it is a good approach, but you need to remember that long-form content is not dead. Creating long-form content:

    * Builds trust with your readers.
    * Improves your SEO.
    * Showcases your writing style and your personality.
    * Goes in-depth in the topics you are writing.
    * Helps your search ranking and allows you to cover a topic in detail that you want to serve as the authority.

    The arrival of Google's Core Web Vitals: Google is continually changing its algorithm and ranking criteria, and it has already announced that these are coming in 2021. Google wants your page to load faster, become interactive, and stabilize quickly for the user trying to access your page from anywhere. If this is not met, your organic rankings will quickly take a hit. Core Web Vitals reports will be available in Google Search Console, and per Google, "it shows your page performance based on real-world usage data (often called field data)." Using these reports, you can improve your website's areas that need to be fixed so that you are suitably prepared once the changes are spread-out. Google is making updates of its algorithm. With these reports, you can continually monitor what is happening instead of just depending on traffic reports or waiting until traffic has taken a considerable dip.

    As more and more people turn online for their needs, investing in SEO to improve your website visibility is crucial to rank ahead of your competitors. This is possible with the help of an established SEO company in New York. Experts in SEO will include the right SEO strategies on your website to strengthen your online presence. When more people find your business online, your brand awareness, appointments, number of leads, and sales will increase and this will set the stage for revenue growth.

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    About the Author:
    Rajeev Rajagopal is the owner of Managed Outsource Solutions which runs its digital marketing division through MedResponsive since 2003. As someone who has developed businesses in several industry segments, he loves strategizing and coming up with innovative solutions for businesses that are hitting a roadblock with their online strategy. He is adept at creating campaigns that mesh your business's traditional and digital plans and make them work together. Spearheading the digital marketing division, he works with his team of talented and dynamic designers, programmers, writers, search engineers, and Social media experts to make businesses tick. Whenever possible he loves to write engaging content related to SEO and its evolution, sharing his ideas and insights with others.

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